Stranger Things 2: Upside Down Review

The Duffers brothers have apprehended that when one door of life opens there is no possibility of closing it down and that’s what Upside Down has brought to their lives. The upside down in Stranger Things season one was all about optimism and simplicity bringing ramifications and changing the dimension of our thinking capacity. However, the upside down in Stranger Things 2 resist all the temptation of its preceding to descend into gloom and doom, but it gives a portrait of hope.

The Episodes

The Stranger Things 2 has nine episodes that have a full blown and a stand-alone sequel focusing on a new direction without lots of puzzles. Stranger Things 2 have a different approach with a somber maturity that the Hawkins party carries around starting from Will Byers experience trapped in an Upside Down position and then going missing changing the whole scene. The first episode begins with a newfound understanding of the nonsensical and dangerous town where Stranger Things 2 finds its one pace and brings about tale of resilience. It focuses more on heroic and folk legend of a tiny group that takes the monstrous creature that’s threatening their survival. It shows Eleven coming back and Will still hanging Upside Down and for the Hawkins, he is now getting contaminated by it.

The Story

Stanger Things 2 is all about damage control. The story starts merely with David Harbour’s restrained Hopper is more devoted to his hometown safety, and he is does everything in his power to keep the story of Barb’s disappearance undercover. And together with Dr. Owens who is the official in charge of the tidying up of the mess caused by Hawkins Lab. But Nancy guilt is slightly curtailing their effort since she hasn’t overcome the death of Barb’s death and she is having trouble keeping what happened bottled up. And on the process, Natalie Dyer brings Nancy out to the edge to show out how she is dealing with her guilty. The story also brings out the love triangle affair between Steve, Natalie, and Jonathan with Charlie Heaton’s Jonathan avoiding the teens. However, the cover-up is not what is worrying the Hawkins and the others, but Will is starting to get weird visions on the malicious entity gained from Upside Down influence and now spreading throughout Hawkins, and the urgency to save the town becomes intertwined with Will own fate.

The Outline

The duffer brothers have brought a clear outline to Stranger Things 2 that shows their audience the heartfelt moments, character arcs, a suitable dosage of horror to keep someone awake and they delivered profoundly. The Duffers Brothers main aim is to bring out characters connection and love for each other and how they fight together to prevent the threat directed to Hawkins. The familiarity of storytelling and sci-fi elements with the 80s nostalgic makes it quite easy to fall in love with it and not forgetting its scientific experimentation.

The stranger Things 2 is available to watch from 27th October on Netflix, and it created a reality that we wish we could understand and it’s worth your time.

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